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Polite Society School of Etiquette presents The Art of the Social Graces. Whether you are a homemaker, business professional, or student, The Art of the Social Graces offers practical knowledge in basic social skills for all occasions and settings, and includes useful information and advice to enhance one's lifestyle in the social and business world. From beginning to end of ten clearly organized sections, accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations, The Art of the Social Graces takes the reader through a brief history of etiquette, offers introduction methods, provides techniques for entertaining, invitations and dining, presents guidelines for table settings, and even puts forward the etiquette of tipping. Other topics include dressing for success, conducting oneself in the business world, and writing thank you notes.

In the Easy Entertaining section, the reader is presented information on table settings for formal dinners with a serving staff, informal dinners without a serving staff, family style dining, buffet style dining, and supplementary entertaining guidelines. Clear illustrations depict the various table settings discussed.  The section entitled, Graceful Dining Manners, is devoted to explaining, in great detail, the art of Continental and American dining. Easy-to-follow diagrams depict utensil rest and finished positions for these dining styles. Also included are instructions on dining at a buffet, the proper way to consume soup with and without soup bowl handles, and how to hold and drink from cups and stemware.

As an added bonus, The Art of the Social Graces contains a section on Victorian Afternoon Tea with instructions on making the perfect pot of tea, illustrated tea settings, and dining etiquette for scones, savories, and petits fours.

The Art of the Social Graces will empower readers with confidence and learning essentials that will be life changing.

The Art and Proper Etiquette of Afternoon Tea, was written out of love for tea. It is dedicated to tea connoisseurs who love going out for Afternoon Tea in beautiful teahouses and dining on delicious scones, savories, petits fours, and of course, sipping their favorite brew of tea. In The Art and Proper Etiquette of Afternoon Tea, explore the world of tea etiquette along with carefully selected recipes that will become a cherished part of your repertoire.

With beautiful photographs, the prettiest china, gleaming silver, and floral bouquets, The Art and Proper Etiquette of Afternoon Tea will take the reader through the history of Victorian Afternoon Tea, High Tea, Formal Afternoon Tea, Cream Tea and other styles of tea. It presents historic individuals who influenced the development of tea. Learn how to prepare a "Proper" tea at home, how to brew the perfect pot of tea and prepare scones, savories, and petits fours. Instruction is also provided on formal and informal invitations, how to set a buffet tea table for a large event, and how to set a tea tray for an intimate tea for two. The Art and Proper Etiquette of Afternoon Tea contains guidelines on table settings, serving techniques, dining with stemware, teacups and saucers, and dining with finger foods. Continental and American style dining are illustrated by easy-to-follow diagrams depicting utensil rest and finished positions. Information on entertaining, napkin etiquette, and healthy organic tea recipes with nutritional information is also provided.

Whether enjoying a cup of tea in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening, this wonderful companion never fails us. It warms us when we are cold. It soothes us when we are weary. It lends sophistication and grace to our gatherings. Tea can be counted on to always save the day and bring the proper perspective to each day's challenges.

So today, as with everyday, let us raise our cup to the hungry Duchess of Bedford who experienced that "sinking feeling" which she remedied by dining in her boudoir with tea, cakes, tarts, and biscuits. Thank you Duchess and thank you Queen Victoria for popularizing "teatime" and making it a regular pastime of the proper English Lady and helping to inspire this book.

Polite Society School of Etiquette presents EMMA The Etiquette Cat: Meet Emma. Beautifully written and illustrated, this children's book is about Emma Elizabeth, an adorable Ragdoll feline. She is about two years old and is the sweetest kitty cat. Mischievous and loving with an abundance of curiosity, Emma fancies herself as a well-behaved kitty and her daily quest is to please her mum. She loves to play and sometimes gets into a bit of trouble, but her mum is very forgiving and gently corrects her. Children will instantly fall in love with Emma as they try to emulate her good manners. They will also enjoy her appetite for treats and her delightful personality.

Gaylen Whiteman, an extremely talented artist who lives on picturesque Whidbey Island, beautifully illustrates Emma's bright blue eyes and her gorgeous furry coat. Gaylen, who signs by her first name, captures Emma's curious personality as she is featured near mum's tea table, antique tub, and other interesting areas of her home.

The book also includes a fabulous healthy English Scone Recipe, a Mock Devonshire Cream Recipe, and a Blackberry Fruit Spread Recipe for parents to make with their children along with a short explanation of the word "etiquette," a child's place setting illustration, and a family-style place setting illustration.