Polite Society School of Etiquette Offers

Polite Society School of Etiquette offers Beginning, Advanced, Business, and Tea Etiquette Courses.  

Etiquette tutelage is presented at speaking engagements, school seminars, specialty tea events, and private dinners.  

The School's mission is to educate adults and children in customary codes of conduct with an emphasis on everyday social skills.  History of etiquette, dining principles, table setting instructions, appropriate dress attire selections, and other useful etiquette techniques, along with the essentials of preparing a “Proper” Afternoon Tea are incorporated in the curriculum.

Polite Society School of Etiquette provides rules for living in our society that will make students feel comfortable and more confident in all social situations.

All courses include foods and beverages as teaching aids.

Online interactive training is available.


Beginning Etiquette Course

Learn the basic social skills to communicate effectively and conduct yourself in a professional manner in all social situations.  Etiquette history, formal introductions, Continental and American-style dining principles, entertaining guidelines, dress attire selections, and other useful techniques are covered in this five-hour course.  Students will practice their skills using various foods and beverages.

Online Classes Available

Tea Etiquette Course

The 1800’s gave birth to the quaint and charming ritual of “Afternoon Tea” in England.  This ritual became an integral component of daily English life.  In this two-hour course, students will learn who is credited with the origination of this favorite pastime, the essentials of tea etiquette, and the history of tea dating back to the 28th Century BC.  Students will also learn the proper way to serve tea and how to prepare, serve, and dine with savories, scones, and petits fours.

Online Classes Available


The Art of the
Social Graces

Hardcover $42.99
Softcover $24.99
Kindle $5.99

The Art of the Social Graces offers practical knowledge in basic social skills for all occasions.  It takes the reader through a brief history of etiquette, offers introduction methods, provides techniques for entertaining, and invitation protocol.  Formal, informal, and family-style table setting guidelines along with instruction on Continental and American-style dining are provided.

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The Art and
Proper Etiquette
of Afternoon Tea

Softcover $24.99
Kindle $5.99

The Art and Proper Etiquette of Afternoon Tea explores the world of tea etiquette along with carefully selected recipes.  It presents historic individuals who influenced the development of tea and takes the reader through the history of Victorian Afternoon Tea along with other styles of tea.  Instruction on how to prepare a “Proper” tea at home, how to brew the perfect pot of tea, and how to prepare savories, scones, and petits fours is included.

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The Etiquette Cat
Meet Emma

Hardcover $34.99
Softcover $12.99
Kindle $5.99

EMMA The Etiquette Cat: Meet Emma is about an adorable Ragdoll feline.  She is about two years old and is loving and mischievous with an abundance of curiosity.  Emma fancies herself as a well-behaved kitty and her daily quest is to please her mum.  Sometimes she gets into a bit of trouble, but her mum is very forgiving and gently corrects her.  Children will instantly fall in love with Emma as they try to emulate her good manners.

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